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Review: Avon Ultra Color Lipstick
I use and enjoy a lot of Avon products so for my first review I decided to do a review on Avon's signature lipsticks, their ultra color lipsticks. I like Avon products because they are really good quality for the amount of money that you are paying. However I found out that they are a little bit more expensive in the States than here (maybe is because of the different standards). Being priced at 8$, I think that you should definitely try them.

First of all let's talk about the packaging before we start to talk about the actual product. The packaging of these lipsticks looks and feels so nice. I mean it's plastic but it's very good quality considering I have mine lipsticks for a long time and the packing is still in awesome condition.

Now let's talk about the product. I think for the money these are one of the best lipsticks out their. They are very nice pigmented and their formula isn't bad either. I have tried: Naturally Nude, Wine With Everything, Perfect Red and Carnation (I think they should be more creative with their names :P). 
1.      Naturally Nude is marked as a soft matt formula which I don't think is true because to me, it has more satin than matt appearance. As the name says it's a nude lipstick. Although it's a very nice color to use in the center of your lips so you would make your lips appear bigger, I wouldn't suggest you to use it on their own because it can make you look dead. Maybe you should try to use it with a darker lip pencil and see how it would look.
2.      Wine With Everything is a satin lipstick as well as Perfect Red and Carnation. The color of this lipstick is so pretty and perfect for fall, but my problem with it is that because it's a satin lipstick it appears so much lighter on the lips than it actually is. I think they should have made it a matt lipstick or made it a little bit darker. However I think it would look stunning on girls with pale skin.
3.      Perfect Red also a satin lipstick is my go-to red lipstick. It’s a dark red color which looks good on everyone. It's more on the yellow side so maybe I would love it even more if it was more on the blue side. The same thing with this one is that although I use it all the time I think they should have made it matt.
4.      Carnation again a satin lipstick is a light pink lipstick. It looks to me like baby pink mixed with coral tones color. On me I like it mixed with the Naturally Nude lipstick because I feel like it doesn't have enough brown in it. I actually think it doesn't have any brown tones in it so it's a little too pink for my taste. 

All in all I would recommend these lipsticks. They don’t feel dry on your lips but you have to reapply them every 1-2 hours if you want them to be as intensive as when you applied them. If you have to choose only one color try Perfect Red.

 I would give the Avon Ultra Color Lipstick from 1-5 a solid 4.  

I assume you can order them online from here:


  1. I really love all of them
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  2. Great colours!
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    1. Thank you :D
      I would love that!

  3. Nice review dear! I love dark red lipstick for Fall :)

  4. what a lipstick collection :-) like all the colors a lot. you've got a good taste with that

  5. Carnation one looks so cte to me, I do love that pinky colour :D
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  6. Great review; very in-depth. I like lipsticks with rich tones for fall so the Perfect Red is appealing. It is unfortunate that the lipsticks have to be reapplied so often.


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