Natural Wednesday

DIY Face scrub
To maintain healthy skin and to prevent the skin from acne and blackheads, we should scrub our face once a week in order to remove our dead cells. When you are showering your pores open because of the hot water, so the best time to scrub your face is in the shower or right after you had a shower. I think natural scrubs are the best ones, so I will share with you how I make my scrub so you can make it yourself at home.

You will need: sugar, honey and lemon

It’s simple, all you have to do is to mix one spoon of honey, one spoon of sugar and 1-2 drops of lemon  juice. When you are done with scrubbing your face, you can wash the scrub off your face or you can leave it for 10-15 minutes so it will act as a mask for your face too. The sugar will scrub your face while the honey has a lot of antioxidants so it will prevent acne appearance. The lemon juice has vitamin C, so it will bright up your skin. You can also scrub your lips with the same scrub while you are scrubbing your face.

  •           If you don’t have honey and lemon you can scrub your face only with sugar.

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