How I stared my blog

Hello beauties! Long time no post I know…I am really sorry for that. I don’t want to try and find excuses why I haven’t posted for so long because I think I should tried harder to keep up with my post. I was busy with school and these two weeks where very stressful and before that I was on winter vacation so I was being lazy. However the biggest reason why I haven’t posted in so long time is because I wasn’t happy in which direction my blog was headed and I think I  didn’t give my best in the content. But now I have new ideas, I want to be braver, I want to post more reviews and maybe tutorials… All in all I am very happy with my new ideas and can’t wait to post new post and hope that you will enjoy them.
To start my “come back” I decided to do this post on how I started my blog even though my blog exists for only 3-4 months. The reason why I decided to do this post is that you don’t know me at all: I am not writing this blog by my name, I am not posting any pictures of me etc…. So let’s start ! :D
In my 7th grade in primary school I discovered the youtube beauty gurus. First youtuber I ever watched was macbarbie07 and them I started discovering all this more and more awesome people. Their videos helped me so much. You see I learned how to do my make up and hair and because of them I decided to clean up my room… but the thing that matters the most is that they made me appreciate life more and love my self more. As crazy as it sounds they had an influence on who I am today, maybe small but very important. The reason why I admire these people so much is that they are first of all brave, they managed to put their self their on the internet for everyone to see them and judge them and second of all they are successful on their own, but not only they are financially successful, they have influence on people too. Long story short in September this very successful fashion blogger on which I look up to now started following me on instagram. I think is a thing that they do: they start following a lot of people that will follow them back and eventually unofollow them. I must say it works, I got addicted to her posts so I didn’t unfollow her:P What I want to say is because of that and of one of my best friends first I discovered a lot of local successful bloggers which I have no idea that existed and than I discovered all this big community of new brave people. I always wanted to make youtube videos but I don’t think I will ever do that because I am so afraid of being judged. Other people’s opinion shouldn’t define us and we shouldn’t be scared to follow our dreams and do what we like because of the judgment of others. I consider my self a strong person because I started this blog but not strong enough since I am afraid to show to the world who I really am. So as I said in September I discovered blogging. So I thought the things I wanted to say, I could write and I will have my privacy. And then I started making all this excuses why I shouldn’t start my beauty/lifestyle blog: You don’t have enough knowledge, Who would read your blog, You can’t do outfit posts, You don’t have tons of make up…… Guess what?- I have more knowledge in beauty and fashion that I wasn’t aware I had, You beauties I am still not sure if you like my content but you decided to read my blog which is the thing that matters the most to me, Because I am not comfortable putting myself out their + I don’t have amazing designer bags, sunglasses, heels… I was like I can’t do outfit posts, I WAS WRONG, you can do anything you want to do: for example I discovered polyvore and started making outfits that I would love to wear if I could and sharing it with you on my blog, And maybe I don’t have a tone of make up but I have enough and I have tried enough to give you an honest and in depth opinion on what I think about the product and should you get it or not. So finally when I was done with the excuses I decided to start my blog and that is how programmerstyle was born. I thought that in this post I would tell you how my blog got the name but this post is already too long. So if you want to know even more about me let me know and I’ll do that post too.
If you don’t have time or don’t want to read this huge post that this weird girl wrote, I just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog, for taking the time to visit it and for being a part of my dream. You that put yourself and give yourself 100% here you are braver than you know and maybe you are even somebody’s hero without even knowing it, I know you are mine. And as far as my post go I’ll try to be on time this time and for start I’ll try post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Thanks for reading this and don’t forget your blog matters! :D