Fashion Thursday


Exploring NY
Today’s outfit is comfortable, casual a bit random and chic. Perfect for keeping you warm while you still look cute and stylish. In my opinion perfect match for exploring NY (although I have never visited the big apple)!:*

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Exploring NY

Topshop a line dress
$105 -

Adidas Originals blue parka
$165 -

H M black pantyhose
$13 -

Tamara Mellon heel booties

Forever 21 analog watch

Mango jewelry

Chloé mirror glasses

Long slouch beanie
$105 -

Fashion Tuesday

Young Elegance

I am in love with this look. It’s an elegant and lady like look and young and playful in the same time. The colors: black and white, the classic peep toe Christian Louboutin pumps, the length and pattern of the skirt, the pearl earrings and the classic Chanel bag make this look very elegant while the shapes, the textures and those awesome D&G sunglasses keep this look fun.  

Young Elegance

River Island crop top
$16 -

MANGO long wool blend coat
$125 -

River Island black skirt
$39 -

Christian Louboutin black pumps

Insta post

Three different ways to use Vaseline as a beauty product
It’s been already a week since my last post ... long time no write I know :/. But now I am back with a new design on my blog! (Tell me in the comments if you like it) Also I had a problem with my GFC box but now that is solved. And the new design on my blog isn’t the only thing that is different, from now on I’ll make one post  for one content which will be English + Macedonian and stop making two post (one in English and one in Macedonian) with the same content because I think is more practical this way.(Again tell me in the comments below what you think) And the last change is that my Review Fridays will become Review Saturdays since on Fridays I’m really busy :D 

So today I will share with you three different uses of vaseline. I like using vaseline for two reasons: the first one is because it’s cheap and the second one is because it can replace some essential beauty products when you run out of them. Maybe most of you have already heard about the first two uses but I don’t know if you are familiar with the third one, so let’s start:
1.      If you have dry and harsh spots on your body just apply vaseline on them and it will instantly soften them.
2.      Instead of lip balm use vaseline on your lips to moisturize and soften them(I like applying it on my lips at night) . You can also mix the vaseline with sugar and exfoliate your lips before moisturizing them.
3.      You ran out of makeup remover? Just put vaseline on a cotton pad and remove your eye makeup, you can also use it to remove even your foundation but I use it only on my eyes. (p.s. it doesn’t irritate your eyes at all :D)
Have you ever heard about this amazing uses of Vaseline or even tried them? What other uses of Vaseline do you know? Let me know in the comments :*

Thanksgiving Outfit #5

Boho grunge
So this is my last Thanksgiving outfit idea for all of you. If where you live is too warm for the forth look, this look would be awesome for you. Crop black lace top and maxi grey skirt with a big slit and a gorgeous leather jacket to keep you a bit warm since is November (btw I'm in love with this jacket :’(). The look is very on the black and grey side with hints of burgundy and gold since they are the colors of fall. It’s a grungy look but still very boho-chic at list according to me. Maybe you won’t like the sunglasses but I think they are very fancy. :D

 Hope you liked all five looks and found them inspirational. <3

Boho grunge

Balmain real leather jacket
$3,315 -

Topshop skirt

Nly Shoes ankle high boots
$63 -

Balenciaga handbag

H m ring
$6.31 -

The row sunglasses
$435 -

J Crew cap hat

Thanksgiving Outfit #4

Classy Lady
This look is first for those that live in a colder places. Second is for all of you that just want to spend quality time with the family and don’t care about making a fashion statement. Is for all the classy ladies that look stunning in everything they wear. I like the minimalism of this look (the fact it doesn’t have any jewelry) and the brown tones.  If I celebrated Thanksgiving, I think this is the look I would wear.  

Classy Lady

MANGO long sweater
$55 -

Burberry coat

Tory Burch leather boots


Thanksgiving Outfit #3

Keeping it casual
Here is one simple outfit. This one is edgy and cute in the same time and is for all of you which want to be casual and comfortable but still nice looking while having fun with your family.(‘cuz I’m always keeping it casual when I am with my family) I like that Aéropostale cat ear beanie which I think is from the Bethany Mota collection and Bethany is one of the youtubers and persons in general that I truly admire. I wasn’t sure about adding the watch but whenever I am keeping it casual (which is most of the time) I like to wear a watch and this Kate Spade one looked very pretty. And for the end can we just have a moment and take a look at those amazing Zara boots.

Keeping it casual

Zara parka coat

Pull&Bear high rise jeans
$41 -

Kate Spade watch
$310 -

Chloé chloe eyewear

Thanksgiving Outfit #2

Fashionista in the family
Risky and unexpected look- one that only a true fashionista can rock. Mix of lots of textures and shapes and as icing on the cake a bright pop of color.  One different outfit for this year’s lunch at grandma’s because there can only be one real  fashionista in the family.

Fashionista in the family