Christmas Outfit #2

You got to have something red

As promised here is the second outfit idea for this Christmas from me to you :D This one is for those of you that want to be a bit fancy for this Christmas. The outfit is sophisticated but still has that young edgy in it. Don’t forget to wear your red pumps for Christmas!  

You got to have something red

Topshop petite dress
$110 -

Cashmere coat
$225 -

Manolo Blahnik red shoes

Prada leather tote

H M ring
$3.12 -

Christmas Outfit #1

Long time no post.. I am really sorry for that. Whit the holiday season and school I just didn’t have time to post. As you may know I posted 5 different outfit ideas for Thanksgiving and I was planning to that same thing for Christmas but things didn’t turn up as planned.  I celebrate Christmas on 7 January but I want to wish a Merry Christmas and lots of love, luck and happiness to all my viewers who celebrate Christmas on 25 December, I hope you have an awesome Christmas <3
To make it up to all of you I’ll post 2 Christmas outfit ideas: this one and the other one will be up this night! (who’s excited? :D) Hope you like them and find them inspirational.
Stylish girls have more fun

This is my vision of casual Christmas outfit… :P I know maybe a lot of you will think is a bit over the top but all in all this is a very comfy look that will allow you to experiment and take your style to another level. It’s a bit risky outfit but taking down  just one piece will make it simpler. And I am sorry but what’s Christmas without a red lipstick?   

Stylish girls have more fun

MANGO long top
$31 -

ELOISE heart stocking

H M purple mini skirt
$39 -

Alexander McQueen skull bag

Chloé chloe eyewear

Mac cosmetic
$24 -

My Christmas wish list

Where I come from we exchange gifts for New Year sometimes but not for Christmas. I wouldn’t be getting anything of this items but they are something that would make me really happy if I got them. If you want to buy something special for some special girl/woman in your life I hope this wish list inspired you on what to get her :D

My Christmas wish list

Christian Louboutin black stiletto

Givenchy black tote
$2,120 -

STELLA McCARTNEY round glasses

Hourglass cosmetic

False eyelash
$5.73 -

Burberry fragrance

LORAC beauty product

Beauty product
$60 -

Pink nail polish
$19 -

November Favourites

Soo.. this is my first ever favorites post and I plan to do them at the end of every month so that I can share with you the new things that I tried and liked for that month. Hope you enjoy them and find them helpful. Also feel free to tell me about your favorite products in the comments. A lot of products in this post will be from Avon because I have loved and used their products for years but now because I started my blog I’ll try to use products from a lot of different brands (mostly drugstore) p.s. I finally made an instagram account (programmerstyle) so now you can follow me there too :D

1. Makeup favorites

-Avon Big&Daring volume mascara: I’ve tried a lot of different Avon mascaras and this is the only one that managed to impress me besides their Luxe one. I have small eyelashes and this mascara makes them look a lot bigger. It gives volume since it’s a volume mascara but in my opinion it can also count as a decent lengthening mascara too. I have it in black. ($9 currently by one get one half off)
-Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Tender mauve: First of all this lipstick has different packaging on Avon’s site so I think the color of the packaging depends of the country you live in. This is my favorite “everyday” lipstick color. It’s the perfect mix of brown, pink and purple tones + it doesn’t feel drying on the lips at all. I am deeply recommending this lipstick to you. ($9 currently $5.99)
-Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit: This kit is an all time favorite because I have used it for a year and still can’t find something that I will like more. (that’s why it looks grouse on the picture). I prefer to use eye shadow to fill in my brows than a pencil and this kit is amazing. It has two small brushes which do their job amazing, 2 shadows (light and dark brown) and wax. I just love it!
-Oriflame Universal Cream- Tender Care: This is a universal cream that I only use as a lip balm so I don’t know if it really counts as a makeup product. This smells amazing I have it in chocolate, I’ve also used the caramel one and they also have a coconut one that smells amazing. Not do they smell great but they make your lips very smooth too.

2. Skincare (Bath & Shower)

-Planet  Spa India Intensity Invigorating Body Scrub with Black Sesame Seed extract and Sandalwood oil: This is the body scrub from Avon’s Planet Spat range that I’m currently using. (but I’ve tried different ones and I must say I like all of them). I really like the scent of it and it leaves your bath smelling very good when your done showering. It’s a gentle scrub so you can use it every time you shower.
-Planet Spa India Intensity Body Butter with Black Sesame Seed extract and Sandalwood oil: I like my body scrub and body butter to smell the same I guess. Again amazing scent, this body butter moisturizes  your skin very nicely and lives it feeling soft :D

3.  Hair

-L'Oréal Paris Elvive Arginine ResistX3 Shampoo and Conditioner: First don’t worry my hair isn’t falling but it’s really damaged and it’s breaking that’s why I decided to give these shampoo and conditioner a try (and JLo’s commercial). I mean they are good shampoo and conditioner considering their price. They sure made my hair feel and look better than before when I didn’t use them and as a bonus they make the hair smell lovely.

Fashion Thursday


Exploring NY
Today’s outfit is comfortable, casual a bit random and chic. Perfect for keeping you warm while you still look cute and stylish. In my opinion perfect match for exploring NY (although I have never visited the big apple)!:*

P.S. I made a blogovin account so now you can follow me there and let me know in the comments about your account so I can follow you too :)  https:./

Exploring NY

Topshop a line dress
$105 -

Adidas Originals blue parka
$165 -

H M black pantyhose
$13 -

Tamara Mellon heel booties

Forever 21 analog watch

Mango jewelry

Chloé mirror glasses

Long slouch beanie
$105 -

Fashion Tuesday

Young Elegance

I am in love with this look. It’s an elegant and lady like look and young and playful in the same time. The colors: black and white, the classic peep toe Christian Louboutin pumps, the length and pattern of the skirt, the pearl earrings and the classic Chanel bag make this look very elegant while the shapes, the textures and those awesome D&G sunglasses keep this look fun.  

Young Elegance

River Island crop top
$16 -

MANGO long wool blend coat
$125 -

River Island black skirt
$39 -

Christian Louboutin black pumps