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This week is a Review Friday week, so I am going to do my Review Friday post tomorrow and I am going to review more Avon products for you. But enjoy so much posting on my blog especially putting looks together so I decided to make an extra post for you all. Every time I have time and feel like posting an extra post I will do this Insta Posts.

Urban Audrey Hepburn
So this is not a little black dress but I feel like this look is something that urban and fancy Audrey Hepburn would wear. I like that this look is stylish but still sophisticated. I love the mix of so many different textures and that Chanel Boy Bag is everything a fashionista can dream for.

Urban Audrey Hepburn

Topshop cotton shirt

Topshop purple skirt

Cat ring
$40 -

Burberry glasses
$285 -

Topshop wool hat


  1. Hvala ti puno na lijepom komentaru i sto si odlucila pratiti moj blog!
    Da li imas opciju pracenja bloga GFC, jer nisam ju uspijela naci? Rado bih ti dala svoju podrsku i pratila tvoj blog! Zelim ti puno uspijeha!
    xo Sonia Verardo

    1. Nisam se setila da trebam tu opciju staviti na bloga, ali zato sada je imam:D
      Hvala ti puno na svemu, a najvise od svega na podrsku :D

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